whkhThis is a FREE service and pilot program delivering comprehensive primary maternity care, early parenting and well child health services targeting families living in the western suburbs of Rotorua.

The first relationship for a baby is the cornerstone to future long term wellbeing. This service is aimed at developing healthy attachment and bonding between the child and their parents/caregivers.

The focus of this program is on early identification and intervention, and investing in children and their whānau during the most formative time (antenatal and in the first year of life). A team consisting of Midwife, Registered Nurse, Kaitiaki (Community Support Worker) and Ahuru Mowai Born to Learn Educators will assist you throughout the program.

We will:

  • Register you and provide support during your pregnancy.
  • Pre-birth: comprehensive needs assessment, support and education.
  • Immediately Post-Birth: Up to 5 hours per day for 5-14 days.
  • First Month: Intensive breastfeeding support, safe-sleep practice, smoke free/drug-free home, self-management support, mental health support (as required), Well Child and GP Team engagement.
  • After First Month: Facilitating linkages with other health, social, education, justice, housing and employment support, including referral to TAWO whanau planning service, and ensuring timely immunisations.
  • Provide mother craft support to 20 weeks post-delivery: breastfeeding, safe sleeping, early parenting and relationship skills, and attachment.

whkh2The approach is an all-encompassing, holistic, Māori approach to early identification, prevention and intervention to benefit of vulnerable (predominantly) Māori babies – pre-birth, new born and their whānau.

We can provide support to your whānau/family to maximise your child’s developmental potential, and health status to ensure you and your whānau receive quality professional, holistic care.

For more information call in to the Kia Puawai Whare based at the Western Heights Community and Health Centre, 1 Brookland Road, Rotorua.

Phone 07 347 0387 between 8.00am – 5.00pm Mon – Fri

Or send us an email from our contact page.