The Startwell programme is a FREE practical, hands on support for first time parents presenting with infant feeding/sleeping/attachment issues and/or mild mental health or social concerns that are impacting on their ability to confidently care for baby.  The level of support offered to individual mothers/parents will be flexible and will reflect the needs of individual parents i.e. it is recognised that some mothers/parents may require more intensive support with frequent contact, while others may only need help for a short time.

Kaupapa Māori provider Tipu Ora who have extensive experience working in the maternal and child health sector will be delivering the service.  Staff will work in partnership with other providers and agencies to ensure care is delivered in an integrated and coordinated manner.

The service is available across the Rotorua region and can be delivered in the home or if the mother/whanau prefer, within the Kia Puawai Whare (Integrated Maternal and Child Health Service Centre) 1 Brookland Road, Western Heights, Rotorua.

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