In 2012 the Boards of Tipu Ora Charitable Trust and Te Utuhina Manaakitanga Trust decided to bring the two organisations together and combine their governance to form Manaaki Ora Trust.

The key objectives of Manaaki Ora Trust encompass:

  • Māori Health – providing services to Māori individuals and whānau in a Māori way.
  • Maternal and child health – health, education and social services for mothers and babies from birth to the start of formal schooling.
  • Education – health related education and training including Māori health.
  • Social services – programmes for parents, young people and children, including home-based services.
  • Youth services – support for young people in health, social, education, employment and training.
  • Alcohol and other drug addictions – establishing and operating a community treatment centre for the treatment of alcohol and other drug addictions.
  • Relationships – working closely with other groups who share similar objectives to Manaaki Ora Trust.
  • Donations – receiving and making donations consistent with the objectives of the Trust.

Strategic plan:

Download the following (PDF) document to view the Manaaki Ora Trust strategic plan.