Tipu Ora Oranga Niho Community Dental Health, which provides dentist services, is based in Rotorua and offers services to pre-school age children through to adults.

Go to  www.tipuoradentists.nz for more information about our services.


We can provide:

  • Free assessment and Dentist treatment for pre-school children
  • Free Special Dental Services for children referred by the School Dental Therapist/Nurse
  • Free assessment and treatment for adolescents (1st year at high school) and up to the age of 18 years
  • Assessment and treatment for adults with Community Services Card for “Relief of Pain” with a payment of $35.00 per visit (2 visits per year)
  • Assessment and treatment of Work and Income NZ $65 initial quote
  • ACC approved clients
  • Mobile Dental Unit providing services to kura kaupapa Māori
  • All members of the community are welcome to use our services
  • Our dentists are based in Rotorua